Congratulations to Mrs. Sue Rebisz, Vernon Township School District Teacher of the Year

Sue Rebisz is a 5th and 6th grade Social Studies and Science Special Education teacher in Lounsberry Hollow Middle School. Mrs. Rebisz is renowned for her unique pedagogical style by transforming her traditional classroom of brick and mortar into new worlds for her students to explore. She engages her students with an exceptional learning environment, which employs a diverse learning experience for kinesthetic and visual-spatial learners in an uplifting way. Incredibly Sue’s efforts don’t end with her chameleon classroom in Lounsberry Hollow.

Sue has been involved with dozens of volunteer extracurricular programs but most notably she has served as the advisor for The Kiwanis Key Club. With the help of her colleagues and students Sue has organized many food drives, which have impacted her community in a very positive way. Mrs. Rebisz lights up when she verbally paints beautiful scenes of her charming students organizing community service projects like “Stuff the Bus” or when she collaborates with her colleagues with the “Red Hand Day” (The Red Hand Day Campaign is to a program which spreads awareness and educates communities on the child soldier crisis taking place in many developing nations).

While interviewing Mrs. Rebisz, one characteristic shined through her charismatic personality, Sue has vision. With every item we discussed she constantly emphasized “The Whole Picture.” The needs and achievement of a child are seldom, if ever, assessed on a scantron. She believes in the whole student. By using all of her artistic, social and educational skills she reaches her students in powerful way. Sue sees herself as a compassionate cooperative collaborator or a “Melting Pot” of her colleagues, past and present. Mrs. Rebisz unequivocally believes her professional experience is only the sum of her encounters with both talented educators and students. It is with her communal mantra I am reminded of Albert Einstein…, “If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Congratulations to you Sue and your entire family; Bruce, Amanda, Adam and Eric. The Vernon Township Education Association is very proud.