In order to bring a real-world experience to her Italian students, Mrs. Barbara Simmons invited Mr. Salvatore Vizzini to her classroom and speak to the students about Italian culture, geography, and traditions. Mr. Vizzini, grandfather of Mrs. Simmons’s student Olivia Vizzini,  led an engaging discussion with Italian I CP classes in order to provide a first-hand account from someone who has lived in Italy and could share Italian customs with the students. Over light refreshments of taralle, biscotti, caffè e  tè freddo,  students questioned  Mr. Vizzini about his take on Italian culture and he invited the  students to dialogue with him in the Italian Language. The conversation was not only stimulating but personable as students walked away with an authentic experience thanks to Nonno Vizzini. As Signora Simmons expressed, “there is nothing like the real thing!” Truly an engaging and experience for our students at VTHS.